How To Trade The Double Tops And Bottoms Pattern?

double top and double bottom

Valley has passed the 38.2% level, thus Double Top pattern was not formed. One of the most important requisites of this pattern is that valley of Double bottom must not pass 38.2% level of Fibonacci pattern on the swing. Neckline or confirmation line is a level line on the peak point which indicates the breakout point. The height of peaks can be equal or different, while their forming time may differ. The optimal place to put your stop loss order is just above the second top of the Double Top reversal pattern. This time we have added a second arrow which is equivalent to the first arrow. So, the first arrow measures the size of the pattern and the second arrow applies this size as a minimum target of the pattern.

double top and double bottom

Peak point did not cross the 38.2% level, thus this Double Bottom pattern is reliable. Another example for a Double Bottom pattern can be drawn, so Fibonacci is drawn from the beginning point of a swing to the valley of a longer wave. Applying the Size as a Target – The potential of the pattern is equal to its size applied from the Neck Line. Neck Line breakout – a candle closing beyond the Neck Line.

Part II. Double top and Double bottom

Multiple tops or to be specific “double tops” are quite common in chart patterns. A double top is basically a “reversal pattern” that is formed after there is an extended move upwards. After reaching the tops, the price will retreat slightly and then will make a move upwards to test that level again.

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In a double top pattern, there is usually heavier volume during the first peak and lighter volume on the second. However, when the price breaks support, signaling a reversal to a downtrend, it usually occurs on heavier volume. A stock forms a double bottom which confirms as a valid pattern when price closes above the top of the double bottom.

To do this you need to reference the swing bottom, which is located between the two tops. In many instances the two tops are on the same level, and sometimes the second top could even be slightly higher than the first top. If the second top is higher than the first top, you will typically see a divergence pattern forming as well. After the top is created on the chart, the pattern needs to create a bottom. Many times, this bottom could be located on a bullish trend line, but that is not a requirement. There are two things you need to do in order to identify the minimum potential of your Double Top/Bottom chart pattern.

Double Bottom Pattern

They consist of two price swing located approximately on the same level. Today we will discuss two of the most popular chart patterns used in Spot Forex. This is the Double Top and its reversed equivalent the Double Bottom.

Traders with a fader mentality, selling into strength and buying weakness, will try to anticipate the pattern by stepping in front of the price movement. Traders can use either ‘Contracts for Difference’ or spread betting during both a double top or a double bottom pattern. A double bottom pattern is a mirror image of the double top. As with the double top, timing double top and double bottom and volume also play a role in the analysis and confirmation of the double bottom. The data is then packed into a numpy array for pattern detection. This project is to backtest the commonly used Double Top and Bottom chart pattern by using the Quandl API. Reduced volume on the second trough followed by increased volume on the break above the resistance line.

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They offer reliable trade signals and they can be combined with other trading tools and charting concepts to form a very powerful trading methodology. Once a double bottom chart pattern is confirmed then the market will be considered to be bullish, therefore a double bottom is bullish.

double top and double bottom

Therefore, this level is of a great importance for your pattern. A Double Bottom Pattern is a Classical Chart Pattern which indicates a possible bottom after a downtrend.

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double top and double bottom

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