Revealed: There are nine different types of problem drinkers, from the bored to the hedonistic

I recently hit 4 months and have never felt better. I’ve started going on long walks to process all my thoughts and biking when I want to clear my head a bit more. The women certainly did not nurse a glass of wine all evening.

Boredom Drinking

Binge drinking has its own problems so make sure you drink only a reasonable amount on the weekends. Any posters who still drink but have successfully cut down? My goal is no alcohol during the work week but drinking what I like on weekends. There are some lively GLBT AA meetings where I live and I’ve made some great sober friends with whom I’ve hung out.

Ways to Stop Drinking Out of Boredom

Among those I know who are staying sober and recovering, boredom is not a problem. When I got into recovery, I had to learn to do life all over again. “Normal” activities had been so dominated by drinking and drugging, that even thinking about doing them sober became a trigger. In early recovery I stayed away from writing, listening to music and going out to dinner because those activities, for me, were habituated with using. The more sober time I had, the more comfortable and secure I became and could go back to these things that I enjoyed. I started drinking to have fun at parties in high school and then into my 20s and 30s. In my 40s, my drinking elevated to every day in order to deal with stress.

  • On the weekend, we went to bars and clubs.
  • You could take a book along to bed and read for an hour or so.
  • However he continued smoking grass while increasing his sexual activity.
  • Sadly this attitude seems to fade over time into adulthood.
  • “A lot of the people I see who are drinking heavily are also eating crap diets.” He then went on to describe how lifestyles that foster addiction often come with other destructive facets.

Instead of the person feeling like they are jetting down a runway at 200 miles per hour, it feels like life is moving in slow motion. Why not try stopping for a while as an experiment and seeing how you feel. For me I feel so happy and relaxed after a day without. The boredom and cravings are there but I’m a better Boredom Drinking person without the drink. Give it a try and see how you feel, you’ve got nothing to lose. However, I’m 36 and this has been progressing for years till it got to the stage where I was drinking alone at night nearly every day. Your only 20 Stephen and it sounds like you’re approaching that stage already.

You Were Already Bored

Start with going for walks for minutes every day. Pursue outdoor activities like kayaking or fishing. Have you always wanted to learn to dance salsa? Get on Google, find a class, and make it happen. Plus, you might meet some cool people and that’s always a double win. If you are walking around saying that there’s nothing to do and everything about sobriety is boring and terrible, you are condemning yourself to misery.

Boredom Drinking

It’s difficult to sit with those feelings, I know. But drinking never makes them truly go away.

Boredom and Substance Abuse

Someone people need the support of professional addiction treatment to combat boredom and avoid relapse. If this sounds like you or your loved one, callThe Recovery Villagetoday. Our caring representatives can help you explore treatment options to achieve long-lasting recovery if you’re struggling to get or remain sober. However when I was about 17 and a half I started to drink alone every Friday in my room because it took the edge off the boredom. I’d enjoy listening to music, writing and watching TV and films whilst drunk, I found it “enhanced” everything somewhat. These “sessions” used to be at most twice a month to begin with but did at peak go to 3 times a week when I was about 19, but are now down to once a week, or once a fortnight.

  • The problem is that drinking kills people, and it’s not particularly cool.
  • I am working hard at taking a break and I find your blogs so motivational.
  • Joining a meeting will cure the boredom for that moment and forming connections with others outside of the group setting can help reduce boredom throughout the days.
  • It is often the case that we drink too much to escape lives that we don’t enjoy.

When you begin to view your negative thoughts and feelings as problems to be solved, rather than the embodiment of who you actually are, you liberate yourself. It also opens up space to approach your internal world differently.

Terrible Reasons To Ditch Your Sobriety During The Holidays

I agree on this point as well, I tried several activities/hobbies as a way to curb my drinking but none of it really helped me. There are a lot of underlying reasons why people drink as much as they do, and a lot of the time they are not willing to share to just anyone which makes the problem worse. The activity of drinking is not a fun, exciting, or interesting activity. It has no power whatsoever to relieve boredom. In fact, the action of drinking is quite boring. In this post, we’re going to uncover some truths about mindset, alcohol, and how to overcome boredom after quitting drinking.

  • The only downfall was my weight shot up hence joining the gym.
  • I’m just trying to say how I came to be bored and drank more and more, while surfing more more and more rubbish masquerading as something interesting.
  • Our founders, along with a team of researchers and medical advisors, analyze a wide variety of topics and summarize the information in a clear and usable way.
  • I think that’s one of the big problems that people come across when they quit drinking, they feel like they should be mixing with like-minded people, people who are quitting drinking.

I have a pile of unused batteries on my desk – made by Phillips. I still have to work at not desiring alcohol when I’m bored – it hasn’t been easy.

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I struggled with terrible boredom for almost a full year after quitting. The good news it has gotten much much better. It actually gets better within a few weeks of quitting…… will still struggle with boredom but it wont be every second of every day.

Boredom Drinking

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